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Water Treatment

"WETCO" goal is to offer our clients the suitable system for purifying and sanitizing the water; used for drinking or other purposes such as pools, spa, water features,….etc.

WE offer all systems for water treatment: Chlorination, pH adjustment, Ozone generator, ionization system, U.V. system.

FOR drinking water, "WETCO" offers the ideal solution to get the best water quality ever, we design and build large drinking water units for the floating hotels to purify the river water to be pure potable drinking water. The system consists of three kinds of filters and two automatic chlorination systems, in addition to an U.V. device.

WE built our special contact tank to achieve best sanitation; we also erect other similar system for a nutrition factory.

FOR more details contact us to find the suitable system for your needs, "WETCO" can help you in solving any problem concerning your precious water.